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Life Doctor helps parents who are worried about their teen’s or young adult’s behavior, decision-making ability, or life direction. In many cases, communication with their teen has broken down, and parents fear they’ve lost their ability to redirect or motivate their child toward positive life change.

As a father-and-son team, Dr. Kevin Fall and Austin have combined Kevin’s PhD in psychology and sixteen years of study, research, and psychotherapy experience with Austin’s personal life journey of healing and reconnecting with his parents. Together they offer twenty-five-years of real life experience that have led them to heal their own lives and relationship. Now they help parents reunite more deeply with their sons and daughters through their books, keynotes, seminars, and parent coaching services.

The results are an authentic parent-child relationship grounded in trust and connectedness, which empowers the child to confidently create an independent and meaningful life.

Dr. Kevin Fall (pictured left) works with parents who have tried everything they know to help their challenging teens, but whose teens continue to struggle with problems and direction. Using a unique process unavailable anywhere else, Dr. Fall helps parents reconnect with their teens, rebuild trust and respect, and re-establish influence that will help transform their teen.

As a parent, Kevin was at the end of his rope. For six years he had watched his son, Austin, spiral out-of-control down a path of certain devastation. Everything Kevin tried in hopes of reaching and changing his son’s behaviors failed miserably. Exacerbated and worried about his self-destructive son, he lost sleep and developed ulcers. Kevin finally came to the conclusion that it would take a miracle to turn his son’s life around.

During Kevin’s first semester in his Ph.D. program, he received a call from Austin, then contemplating suicide, asking for help. As with most parents, Kevin was willing to do anything to help his son. It didn’t matter that he was working 90-hours a week working two jobs and carrying a full academic load at a Research 1 institution, Kevin was going to dig deep within himself and do whatever he had to in order to help Austin. However, this time he decided he needed to use a different strategy – instead of trying to change Austin, Kevin focused on changing his approach to parenting. So, began a 5-year journey that would radically change the lives of both Austin and Kevin in ways neither of them could have imagined.

Today Dr. Kevin Fall uses the same (but improved and streamlined) approach to help parents with their challenging teens. The work Dr. Fall and Austin have done together can be found in their Best-Selling book, How to Get Your Son Back: 7 Steps to Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship. He received his PhD from the University of Iowa in psychology and spent years working with some of the most hardened and dangerous individuals with histories of violence and severe mental illness.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Fall was an information technology consultant specializing in managing outsourcing engagements and large-scale projects with various Fortune-500 companies. He was also licensed as a certified public accountant in the State of Texas.

During his early years, Austin Fall (pictured right) stopped listening to authority figures, befriended troubled, angry peers, and stopped constructively communicating with the people who loved and cared about him most. By the time Austin reached his teen years, he had completely disconnected from his divorced parents and turned to a destructive lifestyle of violence and heavy drinking to mask his pain and compensate for failing at life and low self-esteem. No one could reach him…

As Austin’s behavior continued to deteriorate, he dropped out of high school, was convicted of several crimes, and found himself at a dark, dead end road. At the point where he considered suicide his only alternative, he decided to call and ask for help moments before it was too late.

Austin moved to live with his father, Dr. Kevin Fall, and for the next six years, worked with his dad to totally reengineer his life. Today he is a college graduate with a clean legal record, a loving father, and a thriving professional whose purpose is to help parents reconnect with and inspire their struggling teens to reach their full potential. Austin brings a unique and invaluable perspective as he consults with parents trying desperately to reach their teens and repair their relationships.

Perhaps most importantly, having been there as a young adult, Austin’s insight gives parents an accurate view of how and what their son is feeling, what is pushing him away, and what actions parents can take to rebuild trust and influence on a foundation of love.

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